PACS Tutorials: Year 2

PACS (Peer Assisted Case Studies) tutorials are small classes run by medical students in year 3 and above for students in years 1 & 2 to consolidate their understanding of key aspects of the pre-clinical course. The sessions are based around clinical cases to tie together your understanding of the basic science involved. This scheme has been running for 5 years and has been very well received. This is the booking page for all our upcoming PACS Tutorials for Year 2.

Please ensure you have bought MedSoc membership to attend these tutorials (Available: Annual membership is only £4, and allows you to attend all MedSoc tutorials & events.
Sign up using your UCL Email Address (e.g. We cannot guarantee that you will be allocated to a tutorial if you do not provide a UCL email address.
The day before your tutorial, you will receive an email from us with worksheets you will need to print & bring with you, and group/location information.

Pharmacology PACS Tutorial 1: Cardiovascular Pharm & Antibacterials (Thursday, 2 March 2017)

Pharmacology PACS Tutorial 2: Neuropharm & Pharmacokinetics (Thursday, 9 March 2017)

GDC PACS Tutorial 1: Genetics (Thursday, 16 March 2017)