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Welcome to Sports & Exercise Medicine

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Welcome to Sports & Exercise Medicine!
Are you someone that gets excited at the way the body moves and the impact movement, exercise and nutrition have on health? Are you someone that believes health is not just the absence of disease? Or are you someone that gets curious how that gruesome knee injury will be treated when seeing football or rugby on the TV?
This section is for you.
Our goal is to bring together the undergraduate body to start the discussion on all things to do with sport, movement, exercise and nutrition and are linked with the Move, Eat, Treat campaign. Stay up to date with events via our FB page or twitter account. We host many of our events at the nearby Institute of Sport, Exercise and Health so come along to an event and take a look around at this amazing facility only a stone’s throw from UCL.
Follow us on twitterFacebook or drop us an email here and we’re more than happy to answer any and all of your queries.