O&G Laparoscopic Cinema

Last year, the first event of the MedSoc Obs & Gynae 2015/16 calendar was the “Laparoscopic Cinema”, run by Mr Tom Holland, a laparoscopy fellow at UCLH. Beginning with a lesson in female pelvic anatomy, Mr Holland guided the audience around from a laparoscopic perspective. The “best bits” of a range of laparoscopic procedures were shown, including endometriosis surgery and ectopic pregnancy removal. As well as explaining the advantages of laparoscopic surgery, Mr Holland explained how to orientate oneself whilst watching the procedure on the screen, in order to understand the operation instead of just a mass of pink tissue! Guest speaker, Miss Elizabeth Bean also presented two different cases of ovarian ectopics, which were interesting to watch. Minimal access surgery is a growing field within gynaecology, so an introduction to it at this stage was certainly useful.

This was an excellent event to kick off last year, and we look forward to kicking off this year with just as much enthusiasm!