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Year 1 FNM PACS Tutorials Sign-up

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UCLU MedSoc Education Y1&2 is offering you two PACS (Peer Assisted Case Study) tutorials for the Y1 FNM module. PACS are interactive, small-group tutorials, designed to help you to consolidate key knowledge by working through case studies with older students.

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FNM PACS Tutorial 1: Coeliac Disease & Diabetes
Tuesday 24th March, 6-7pm slot OR 7-8pm slot
(Sign up closes Friday 20th March, 9pm)

FNM PACS Tutorial 2: Renal Physiology & Diuretics
Tuesday 28th April, 6-7pm slot OR 7-8pm slot
(Sign up closes Friday 24th April, 9pm)

Sign up using your **UCL** email address, using the links on

You MUST buy MedSoc membership to attend this event, from the UCLU website ( – £3 to attend all MedSoc events for the entire year, or pay £3 per tutorial.

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