On January 15th, MedSoc Education Y1&2 held an incredibly successful talk led by two MBPhD students, Marcus Ghosh and Vishal Rawji. The lecture focused on how to write an effective personal statement, using extracts from successful and unsuccessful personal statement to illustrate their points. The event, which was pertinent to second year medical students applying for their intercalated BScs, had a large turnout in excess of 175 students. There were also representatives from the Physiology, Neuroscience, Global Health and Paediatrics IBScs to answer questions from students at the end of the session.

MedSoc Education Y1&2 would like to thank Marcus and Vishal for giving up their time to run such a well-attended session. Join our MedSoc Y1&2 Facebook page (www.facebook.com/groups/uclumedsoc.year1and2ed/) to get updates on our latest events and PACS tutorials.