General and Internal Medicine

Battle of the Medics!

By January 14, 2015 No Comments

This was the launch event for UCL MedSoc 2014, and the inaugural event for MedSoc Mondays. We had a variety of consultants from different fields within General Medicine come and try to convince the audience in 7 minute speeches why their particular speciality was the best.

The specialities represented included GUM/HIV, Haematology, Respiratory medicine, Neurology, Gastroenterology, General Practice, Palliative Care and Dermatology. Each speaker went with a slightly different approach; Dr Sarah Bennett (GP) told us about how GP had the most variety and how she got to do a bit of everything and also incorporate teaching into her job. Dr Phillip Lodge, representing Palliative Care, threw in some classic gallows humour when he stated that palliative care physicians were ‘never out of work…’ Dr Rubika Balendra talked about some of the weird and wonderful things that she’s seen in her career so far in Neurology. However, the ultimate winner of the evening was Dr Jonathan Cartledge, represeting GUM/HIV, as he not only talked about how the advances in this field made the job so much more interesting, but also about how learning about the sex lives of your patients is a great way to spend your day!