Infectious Disease

Welcome to Infectious Disease

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Hello, and welcome to the Infectious Disease section of Medsoc!

Whether you are barmy about bacteria, fascinated by fungi or vociferous in your love for viruses, we are sure to be putting on an event that’s just right for you. We plan to put on events that showcase the whole range of options in this exciting speciality, from working overseas to the challenges faced here in the UK. Events will range from debates and panel discussions to talks given by leading experts in the field. We also aim to help with OSCE/Examination Events, including information for 2nd years considering the iBSc in Immunology, Infection and Cell Pathology.

All events are open to any Medsoc members, so whether you are interested in pursuing this as your speciality or just want to find out more about what is a very interesting area of medicine then come along!


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