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Welcome to the Oncology section. We organise regular activities for anyone interested in Oncology. Whether you are interested in pursuing Oncology as a career or just have a general interest we have an event for you.

We are fortunate enough to have some world leaders talking at our events who can provide you with an excellent insight into the world of Oncology. This offers all students the opportunity to expand their knowledge beyond the University Curriculum and challenges many of the misconceptions of Cancer.

We endeavour to make all of our events as interactive and as interesting as possible by changing the format of our talks regularly. For example, we have our annual pub quiz at the Inspire MEdicine conference in January.

For those of you interested in fundraising, we hold a number of fundraising events for a wide variety of charities including Macmillan and CLIC Sergeant.

This section offers anyone with an interst in Oncology an amazing opportunity to pursue their interest and also to become involved in many of the other regular events we organise.

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Cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide, especially in the developed world. As a disease of aging and affluence, it is likely to grow in significance in the coming years, burdening healthcare services all around the world. Through organising a cornucopia of engaging events throughout the course of the academic year, our society hopes to inform students about this major disease, and inspire them to join in the war against cancer.

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