BETHLEM AND BEYOND: a whistle-stop tour of psychiatry… 

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At the Psychiatry section we’re getting very exciting for our upcoming dual event celebrating all things psych!

We’ll be kicking off the week on Tuesday 2nd December with our ‘Meet the Shrinks’ event. This will be an exciting opportunity for anyone who’s interested in psychiatry to learn more about the vast array of sub-specialties available within psychiatry. Begone the old-fashioned image of a psychiatrist asking you about your relationship with your mother whilst you lie on a couch. Instead welcome to the reality of psychiatry: a truly vibrant and varied specialty. We’ll be hearing from psychiatrists who specialise in everything from Children and Adolescents to Old Age with a bit of Forensics and Psychotherapy thrown in for good measure! After hearing from each of these fascinating speakers they’ll be plenty of opportunity to ask questions with many of the psychiatrists staying afterwards to chat further with students. An event not to be missed!!

Not ones to do things by halves, here at the Psych section we felt one event was simply not enough to give people a true taste of psychiatry! On Saturday 6th December we’ll be heading for a riveting day out at the ‘Museum of the Mind.’ Located within the grounds of London’s Royal Bethelm Hospital, historically the UK’s first asylum, the Museum will allow us to explore the fascinating history of mental health. Whilst at the Museum we’ll also have the opportunity to explore its gallery which includes work done by previous patients at the hospital. Here we’ll have chance to see first-hand the vast interplay between art and psychiatry.

For more information check out our event on Facebook!

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

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